Mayhem, Where?
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With the amusement of many.
We are 2 otakus sharing this account.. a fan of BL.


If you want to take your audience on the visual story-telling experience of a life time - You’ll need to push your characters to the extreme and pack your pages with more punch then ever before.

Here’s a tip or two to help you out with just that. Check it out -

REBLOG if you have amazing talented artist friends!


My handwriting is kinda inconsistent ahahahaa….


Here have my horrible handwriting as tagged by the goat.


How to make friends, Dangan Ronpa style

thelemondungeon said: I GOT THIS FILE TOO I WAS LIKE WUT

I think and like to believe it was junko.

there the file I knew that it was sent to me so i could do this.

my pet dog collage


do u ever look at gorgeous people and just cry

or rich people and cry even harder


I’ve been playing Portal (I finished), and played some Portal 2 with Lem. I should probably finish the solo-campaign for Portal 2.